Welcome to the Kellogg
Village Home owner's
Mission Statement:
We are passionate home owners working together
to ensure Kellogg Village is a safe, healthy and well
maintained place to live by:
  • Managing the collection of dues and paying
    community financial obligations.
  • Overseeing maintenance and capital
  • Communicating and enforcing the restrictive
    covenants of Kellogg village.
Email us at:
Home owners and Escrow
companies can contact us at
The phone line has been
Contact us by mail at
PO box 1793
Marysville WA. 98270
This web site was designed to allow the Board to share with
the community how we are managing your assets, to
allowing you to access community documents, see our plans
for the future and much more.  We encourage you to
contact us with questions and suggestions, not only for this
site but with your feedback for future
neighborhood projects.

Board of Directors

Scott Beedell             President
Galen Swogger             Vice president
         Dara Salmon               Secretary                   
Marion Davis               Treasurer   
The Community recently received a $5000.00 grant from the
city of Marysville to replace the damages and dilapidated fence
in the entrance to our community.  The Board has selected a
high end, 3 foot tall black chain link to replace the current
fence.  Our goal is to not only create an environment that will
make the owners proud to live in our community but to add
value to our homes and an excellent first impression to visitors
or prospective buyers of homes for sale.  We should have this
project complete by early 2016.
Construction on the new retention pond fence
will begin at the beginning on 2016.  We will
notify all homeowners affected at least 7 days
before the current fence is removed.